In the air above Hessen
Hessischer Luftsportbund e.V.

The existing Internet presence of the Hessischer Luftsportbundes e.V. was characterized by many individual presentations by the individual specialist groups.
Different layouts, different systems created a high and difficult maintenance effort.

A primary goal of the newly designed website was to enable a uniform appearance of all specialist groups under one roof.

On the new page, each section can now maintain its own area (glider, motor flight, air sports youth, etc.) without affecting other specialist groups.

Of course, the new Internet presence is also optimized for mobile devices so that pilots can also inform themselves at the Hessian Luftsportbund on the road via tablet or mobile phone.

Hessischer Luftsportbund e.V.

Hessischer Luftsportbund e.V.

Creating the website

Continuous maintenance & updates