By U. Neiss

From September 10th to 14th, Drupal Europe, the largest European Drupal event in 2018, took place in Darmstadt with over 1,000 participants.For the first time, a European Splash Award was presented. Companies that had taken either first or second place in the national decision could qualify to participate.

After winning the national Splash Award in March, crowd-creation now also won the European competition in the category "Community/Social" with Community Stars Insight.

"Stars Insight" helps Mercedes-Benz in understanding the current and future needs and wishes of its target groups with regard to all aspects relevant to products and marketing by moderating and analysing continuous activities such as discussions, blog posts, and surveys.

"Stars Insight" was chosen as Best Study by the Bundesverband der deutschen Markt- und Sozialforschung in 2011.


European Splash-Award 2018